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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He Has Your Feet, Cristiano!

You couldn’t see much more than a wisp of hair and, perhaps appropriately, a cute pair of feet. But this little bundle being taken for his first trip out is the child thought to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby son.

He was pictured with the footballer’s mother Dolores Aveiro, her boyfriend Jose Andrade and a nanny at a service station between the Algarve and Lisbon.

Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen, having arrived in the Algarve yesterday afternoon hours after the baby was seen on his way from there to Lisbon.

A soft toy partially hid the boy’s face in his carry-cot, but the fair hair on show suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr may grow up with the looks of his mystery mother rather than his olive-skinned father.

The 25-year-old Real Madrid player, who earns £200,000 a week, drove to the Algarve from Lisbon in his red Ferrari not long after the baby had made the reverse journey with his grandmother.

Dolores and her boyfriend had been looking after him at a rented home in the Algarve resort of Vilamoura.

Ronaldo made the surprise announcement on July 3 that he had become father to a son. He said the mother wanted to remain anonymous and revealed that he would raise the child on his own with help from his family.




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