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Saturday, July 31, 2010

America's royal wedding

For many Americans, the young Ms Clinton who will marry her long-time beau this weekend is in no need of her famous surname. She's just Chelsea. To her doting father, she's always been the centre of the universe. She ordered him to lose 15 pounds (7kg) before walking her down the aisle, and he unquestioningly complied.

The former president told another first daughter, Jenna Bush, that he would be both proud and wistful at the wedding, thinking about the day Chelsea was born and her first day of school. "I just hope I can keep it together," he said.

For the equally adoring MOTB - that's Mother of The Bride, in case you didn't realise, and it's the acronym the Secretary of State has adopted - dress fittings and cake tastings have taken priority on a calendar that included meetings on Mid-East peace. But to the American public, Chelsea is the girl that grew up before their eyes, and they want a piece of the action.




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